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Where can I find more information?

The Kindy Manager team have published a few documents about the KM Kiosk. You can find these by going to the Downloads. Alternatively you can contact KM Support.

What Happens if my Internet drops out while I am using the KM Kiosk?

If your internet goes down the Kiosk will still be usable. If you take the Kiosk on a bus or an excursion for example, it can still be used. It will just sync and upload any new information once it is in Wi-Fi range again.

Can our Centre use more than one KM Kiosk?

Individual Centres can use multiple Kiosks under the one license. For example, some centres have a Kiosk for each classroom and/or an additional Kiosk for excursions.

How do I update my KM Kiosk?

We have set KM Kiosk to update automatically every 5 minutes when it is within wi-fi range. However, to update your Kindy Manager programme you can download the latest update from our website.

How do I update my KIOSK Password, or KIOSK Pin

This can be done by going to the Kiosk Settings located in your Kindy Manager and entering the new Kiosk Password. There is a minimum of 4 characters in the password field. Once you have chosen your password click the “Update Settings” button.  Similarly, to update your Kiosk Pin enter four (4) numeric characters and click the “Update Settings” button.

How do I activate our KM Kiosk?

The process for activating the KM Kiosk is fairly simple. If you would like to find out more about activation please contact Kindy Manager Support.

Is there a Demo I can try?

Once the KM Kiosk has been installed on your tablet, you will be able to take a look around the system with the demo data we have created. Type in “demo” for both the Login and Password. This will allow you to explore the system safely without needing to use your own centre’s data.

How do I Download and Install KM Kiosk?

Go to the App Store on your tablet and search “KM Kiosk” to locate the Kindy Manager Kiosk application. Click to Download and Install. If an access prompt appears, click to Accept. This will grant Kindy Manager Kiosk access to save files and enable it access to your Wi-Fi.

How does the KM Kiosk work?

The KM Kiosk will automatically record attendance times for you by capturing the information from when the parent or guardian signs their child in or out and when the child is marked as absent. Through this process the Kiosk will also capture the person’s signature.

What equipment do I need for the KM Kiosk?

To operate the KM Kiosk you will need an iPad or Android tablet with 32 GB internal storage and access to Wi-Fi. A stand to secure the tablet that allows the tablets button and power port to be used is also highly recommended.