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Ezidebit is rejecting the BSB number for a new account

Please ensure there are no spaces or dashes in the number. Should be 6 digits only.

I am having trouble uploading to Ezi-Debit – it turns red and then my screen goes white

Check that you have an Internet connection. If your Internet is working correctly check with Ezi-Debit that they are not having connectivity issues.

Ezi-Debit timed-out while Uploading and created the payment twice

I have uploaded a family twice to Ezi-Debit but only one payment has been applied to their account. The other debit is sitting in Downloads with no family or child name (except in the transaction number).
It is okay to delete the payment and then manually refund the parents. The credit/debit then goes via the centre’s bank account but will not be processed in Kindy Manager data entry screen.

How do I add or change bank account details in Ezi-Debit

To change bank account details – KM5 – Ezi-debit – Customers – click on the parent you need to change details – tick either Bank Account or Credit Card then enter the new details and Upload.

How do I add and delete families and change amounts to be deducted with Ezi-Debit

Go to Families screen and click the check box at the bottom of the screen (to add) and uncheck (to delete). Enter the maximum amount that can be deducted in the Max $ box below or leave as 0 for any amount not exceeding the actual account balance.

I have had an error message from Ezi-Debit that my Digital Key is incorrect

If you change the digital key after uploading to Ezi-Debit it won’t download the payments. You need to have the original digital key. But before the digital key number will take effect you need to shut down KM and reopen KM5. The program remembers what digital keys it starts up with even if changed.
Put back the old digital key and restart KM5. Download the payments.
Now change to the new digital key and restart KM5 before continuing with the next Ezi-Debit upload