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CCB payments are a lot less than estimated

Check that Centrelink have not set the child up as School Age.
If they have the parent will need to go to Centrelink to fix the issue.
Also check that you are not estimating for multiple child CCB when there is only 1 child or that the CCB % has changed when synchronizing enrollments but you haven’t changed it in the Children’s screen.

How do I add a family

Click on the Families icon. Add New. Fill in all the relevant details on all tabs. Save.
Click Add New if you want to then add another family.

Child is coming up twice on the Weekly/Daily Role

Child has probably been deleted and then re-created. Reinstate child from Deleted Children and put an asterisk (*) next to the surname to make sure you are deleting the details for the correct child. Go into the bookings and delete all bookings for the deleted child. Delete child again.

My CCB% that comes up when I Download Payments is different to what is in my Data Entry screen

Go to Create Enrollment – Synchronise Enrollments.
This will bring up a list of changed CCB percentages.
In KM4 – Tools – Change CCB will bring up a table where you can quickly change multiple rates. Save.
The CCB% will also be different for multiple children families. You can manually override this for estimating purposes in the children’s screen.

Old Enrollment needs to be Formalised for parent to claim old CCB/CCR

If the centre is closed, open database and synchronise enrollments to become up to date with CCMS information.
Go to Update Enrollment and Make Formal.
The child is now formalised with CCMS so attendances can be uploaded to Centrelink for fee relief calculation.

I am trying to update an AMEP enrollment to Formal but it won’t let me

An AMEP/Other enrollment cannot be changed or updated to a Formal enrollment. You need to end the AMEP enrollment and start a new Formal enrollment. If this occurs midweek you will need to end the AMEP on the (eg.) Wednesday and start the Formal on the Thursday. If you get an error that the enrollment already exists synchronise the enrollments and check that the AMEP has been exited.

Trying to make a new Formal enrollment but says enrollment already exists

The enrollment probably already exists as an Informal enrollment.
Go into Update Enrollments and select Informal, Type of Care, Refresh – Highlight the child and then Make Formal.

I’m trying to make an Informal enrollment Formal but the button has disappeared.

The drop down box in Update Enrolments should say Informal [Refresh].
This will bring up all the Informal enrolments and you can now click on your child and click the Make Formal button. This button only appears when Informal enrolments are shown.

How do I make an Informal enrollment Formal

Go into Update Enrolments and select Informal – Type of Care – Refresh – Highlight the child and then Make Formal.
The screen will refresh and the child line will turn green if successful and red if not.
If unsuccessful check that the CRN and birth dates are correct.

When creating a Formal enrollment I get the error message “Child is Inactive”

The child is not “Active” in the Centrelink system or an incorrect CRN number or date of birth have been entered. The parent needs to go to Centrelink and make the child eligible for CCB for the correct type of care (eg. LDC or FDC) or check their CRN numbers are correct and that Centrelink have the correct DOB in their system.
Make the child Informal while you check the child’s information, then you can still process the attendances. When the child becomes Active at CCMS and you are able to make them Formal, the payments will come through for all the attendances and you can then download the payments and update their account.