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My downloaded payments from CCMS do not match the amount deposited to my bank account

Your centre has had notification that $420.50 would be deposited to their bank account. This is the same amount as shows as a total in KM5 Payments Received. But only $398.72 was deposited to the bank account.
In the Payments Received one child did not have a Clearing Number or a Paid date. But in Payments Processed an amount of $21.78 was showing and this amount was applied to the Data Entry screen in KM4.
Download Payments from CCMS the following day. Will show no new payments (because the payment has already been applied in Kindy Manager) but will now show a Clearing Number and Date Paid. This amount will be deposited to the bank account in a separate transaction.

My non-school age child’s PT% changed from 110% to 100%

Part time loading is 110% for 32 hours or less.
Then there is a sliding scale: 34 hrs = 108%……. to 38+ hours = 100%.

What is the Special column for in Data Entry screen

This is where any CCB payments for SCCB, DOCs children, foster children, Grandparent payments are downloaded to from CCMS.

How do I give a family Special CCB

Select a reason for Special CCB from the drop down box (Child at Risk, Financial Hardship) in the Children’s screen and also in Data Entry for weeks already generated.
A centre is able to approve a period of up to 13 weeks SCCB each financial year. CCMS has the power to suspend a centre’s ability to approve SCCB if there is a pattern of hardship reasons that do not meet their criteria.
Note, there is no need to enter a code for Grand Parenting Allowance. This will be paid automatically by CCMS.

My CCB payments have suddenly stopped

If JET has finished and has not been cancelled, by uploading the non-authorised Jet Hours to CCMS it will block payment of the CCB.
Cancel Attendances for all the weeks that have been uploaded since JET finished. Remove JET from the Data Entry screen, Re-submit Attendances.
A few days later (because refreshed JET/CCB data needs to be verified in the Centrelink system) Download Payments from CCMS– Display Payments Already Downloaded (will display multiple weeks) – Update Accounts.

JET and/or CCB changes or stops for one child in the family and not the other

Check the child’s immunisations are up to date.
Check their JET eligibility and that the correct number of days have been ticked for JET. If they only have 2 days JET and 3 days are ticked then no payments will be made from CCMS.

How do I set up a child with JET

If Centre is given a letter regarding JET entitlements but the hours have are already been uploaded you will need to first cancel those weeks, then set the child up for JET and re-upload their attendances.
To check current CCMS information for JET open Create an Enrolment and double click on the child’s name. This will show the JET entitlement (eg. dates applicable and number of days).
If the JET is for the previous Financial Year (after CCMS has locked their information off) you will need to phone the CCMS HelpDesk to see how the JET and CCB/CCR will be paid if you cancel and re-upload the attendances.
In Date Entry screen ensure that JET box is ticked for all relevant attendances. Neither CCB nor JET will be paid if you select too many attendances.
In Update Enrolment select child and ensure that JFA Eligibility Details Requested box is ticked and then Update Enrolment.
JET can take a while to be paid and payment may not download for a few weeks. (see CCB not updating in a particular week and follow the procedure). Children with JET will have their Enrolment ID boxes coloured purple in the Create Enrolments screen. Double click on the child and it will show their JET eligibility.

The statement from KM4 and KM5 showing different amounts (normally just for one family)

This usually happens when the CCB or JET payment has been downloaded during a different week to that which it should apply to.
Go back to the week/s where the error appears –Payments – View Payments Already Downloaded – Update Accounts.
This should fix the problem.
When Payments are downloaded and not all payments are made in that week. Sometimes a payment is pending from another week (eg. 1526). By the time the payment is finalised due to JET or Centrelink issue it can be made in another week (eg. 1528). Unless you go back to week 1526 and click on Display Payments Already Downloaded and Update Accounts the amount downloaded in week 1528 will not be applied to week 1526.
Kindy Manager will automatically show a date range if there is a backdated payment in the current week.
Also check that the CCB% is downloaded, if not Query Atten – Synch with CCMS – Update CCB%.
If the record won’t update and there is still a discrepancy call the Kindy Manager Help Desk on (07) 5594-0519