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How do I set up and view weeks for 2018?

The new Kindy Manager 6 has the 2018 dates already built in. So please update it from the downloads page.

How do I upload multiple weeks of attendances?

Sometimes we have had to cancel multiple weeks of attendances to make a change (eg. JET, change of guardian, etc) and then reupload (see cancelling multiple weeks of attendance).
Go to Upload Atten
Enter the first week of Attendances to be uploaded.
Click on Advanced Conditions User Advanced Filter and enter the last week of Attendances to be uploaded.
Click on Display Attendances.
Find the child you wish to upload and click to highlight.
Click on Filter By Selected Child – this will bring up that child’s attendances only.
Click on Select All – Upload Attendances.

How do I cancel multiple weeks of attendances with CCMS?

Sometimes we have had to cancel multiple weeks of attendances to make a change (eg. JET, change of guardian, etc) and then reupload (see uploading multiple weeks of attendance).
Go to Query Atten and enter the first week number to be cancelled.
Tick the Use Range box and enter the last week to be cancelled.
Click on Display.
Find the child you want to cancel and click to high and click on Filter By Selected Child to just show this child’s attendances.
Click on the first instance of attendance and, if cancelling all weeks, hold down the Shift key and click on the last instance of attendance.
If only cancelling some week hold the Control key down and click on the weeks you wish to cancel.
Click Cancel Attendance

I have a new ISS child

Go to KM5 – Enrolments – Create Enrolment – find the child or children new to ISS, highlight and Single Synchronise.
Enrolments – ISS Viewer – will bring up the details for the ISS case.
Create a new ISS Session under Classes / Sessions for the number of daily hours but do not enter a cost.
Add the ISS sessions into the Bookings ensuring that you change the Session Type to ISS Regular hours. ISS children must have still have a Regular Hours booking for any days they have an ISS Session.
If you have already generated eligible weeks add ISS session into the Accounts screen, ensure ISS Regular hours is selected and that there is a Case ID selected in the last column.
After you have uploaded the attendances you can create a claim under Enrolments – Create ISS Claim.

How do I create, change or delete classes and sessions

Click on Settings – Classes / Sessions.
This will open a window with all Classes and those Class’s Sessions displayed.
Click on the Class and the Sessions related to that Class will be displayed in the bottom screen.
Select the item to be changed Click Add/Edit will bring up the details screen to make changes.

Error while Uploading Attendances to CCMS

Session Error – Session record already exists for the same period
Your Internet connection may have crashed previously while upload attendances – Synchronize with CCMS.
If nothing shows up with a CCMS synchronise check that the hours haven’t been double entered under Data Entry, eg. 2 Tuesdays sessions. CHECK THE HOURS AND THE SESSION DESCRIPTION. Could be that the description says BSC but the hours are ASC or that the child has moved rooms and has been booked into both (auto generated then the template is changed and re-generated).
Correct the error and re-upload attendances.

Error while Uploading Attendances to CCMS

Unhandled Exception – Too much recursion
Re-send information. May come up with Session Error as information has already uploaded to CCMS. Synchronize with CCMS to check status of uploads.

What type of Weekly sign-in sheet should I be using

Single line vs format with Guardian name
Quote direct from CCMS website:
“The custodial parent (including guardian or authorised person) should, if possible, record the arrival and departure times of their child or children attending care. It is best practice for the service to ensure these entries are signed or initialled by the custodial parent at the time of arrival and departure on each day of care.”

How do I do a discount for staff children

Either book the child in for all days but have one or two days Zero Fee Session under Hrs Type in the Data Entry screen. Alternatively create a new reduced session for staff. Session cost must not be less than the CCB being paid.

Pre-school Reporting

Bookings Screen – Template – [PS] add preschool hours to the session (in the PS Hrs column) and click the drop down box in the next column to select In-house or Off-site.
Update Bookings from Template. These hours will now be Generated and uploaded to CCMS.
You can also do one off changes in Data Entry screen before uploading the attendances.
Pre-school hours are only the hours where a qualified Pre-school teacher is in the classroom running an authorised Pre-school program. During long day care this can be 6 hours per day all week (same as at school) or a few hours a couple of times a week.