Jobs for Families

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Jobs for Families

Jobs for Families
Childcare Package
July 2018

Many of us went along to an information session on the new Jobs for Families package and listened to the not so well rehearsed reading of the overhead slides.


No technical specifications have been released yet so software providers are unable to make a full assessment on development time lines and development costs.  However, the bottom line is that we all need to move over to the new Child Care Subsidy (CCS) system in July 2018.   To this end Kindy Manager will be ready and looking forward to the challenge.   For us, changes are normal.



Talking about changes.  Have you moved over to Kindy Manager 6 yet?  If you would like to do this before the new financial year please give us a call soon.  We have included the Booking and Accounts screen in Kindy Manager 6

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