Jobs for Families -2-

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Jobs for Families -2-

Jobs for Families
July 2018


As we all know on July 2nd 2018 the new Child Care Integrated Technology System (CCITS) will take over from CCMS.  This doesn’t mean that the CCMS system will fall off the edge of the plant at midnight July 1.  You will still need to access CCMS for a further 28 days for any changes and after that it will still be available for viewing history.
Kindy Manager currently has two toolbars – the CCMS system (Orange) and all local Centre functions (Blue).  A third toolbar is being developed for the new CCITS system.  Shortly after the CCITS system takes over users will be given the option to display or hide the old CCMS toolbar.  This simple approach will allow users to have access to both systems from within the current Kindy Manager.
What is PRODA?
Provider Digital Access (PRODA) is an online authentication system used to securely access government online services.
All users of the new CCS system will need to create their own unique PRODA account.
Use the link below to find out more.

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