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How to Create a New Activation Code for an Existing Device

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Version Number: KM
Version Date: 16/01/2018


  • Includes:
  • (6.1)
    • Sign In and Sign Out time on Family Statements
  • (6.0)
    • This Version communicates with the latest updates from the CCS system
    • Also improved communication with KM Kiosk


Kindy Manager Installation



KM Kiosk Download:

 Download KM Kiosk on Google Play
Download KM Kiosk from the Apple Store


Guides and Manuals:

Here are some operational manuals and guides you may find useful:

CCS Transition

KM Manager: CCS Enrolments Quick Guide

KM Manager: CCS Transition Quick Guide

KM Manager: CCS Transition Manual


KM Kiosk

KM Kiosk: Operation Manual

KM Kiosk: Installation and Setup

KM Kiosk: How to Sign your child in/out


Extra downloads:

Kindy Manager – File Cleanup

Latest Gov Info Handouts for Providers


Below are some programs you may need for your installation:



Dot Net Framework 4.6.1