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Kindy Manager Desktop

Version: – Date: 11/06/2019: Download Update

What’s New?


  • New Integration with OASIS System.


  • New Emailing feature. Seamless integration with SendGrid.
  • New Payment Gateway. EzyPay (


  • [30/05/2019]: On Update EziDebit Family Details, wait until the family is selected to open the fields to update the bank/credit card details.
  • [21/05/2019]: Fix on Validate Attendances (Enrolment Sync) for when Include History is checked.
  • [New] Kiosk Settings for Email Notification.
    • Weekly Bookings Report: Send on the end of the week with all bookings for the current week. With this report, you can check which bookings are complete or still pending signatures. We hope that it will help to track the parents that still need to fix the signatures before they receive the CCS Payments for Fee Relief.
    • Bookings Completion Notice: This email will be sent every morning with a summary with all completed bookings from the previous weeks. This e-mail is an indicator that now you can download the attendances on Kindy Manager and upload the hours to CCS to receive the payments.
Go to Kiosk > Kiosk Settings to change those settings.
  • [Fix] Improve the estimate fee relief calculation when there is 3rd party amount included.


New – Reports – Statistics – Daily Chart


  • New – Reports – Accounts – Financial Summary Report


  • Check who received the fee relief (you or the parent) on Query Attendances > [Select Session Report] > View Subsidy Entitlement.
  • In order to comply with the Secretary’s Rules, Kindy Manager can produce a statement of entitlement for a given child/parent in a period of time.
Check it out on Entitlements > Subsidy Entitlement Statement

Kindy Manager Installation


KM Kiosk Download:

Download KM Kiosk on Google Play

Download KM Kiosk from the Apple Store

Guides and Manuals:

Here are some operational manuals and guides you may find useful:

CCS Transition

KM Manager: CCS Enrolments Quick Guide

KM Manager: CCS Transition Quick Guide

KM Manager: CCS Transition Manual

KM Kiosk

KM Kiosk: Operation Manual

KM Kiosk: Installation and Setup

KM Kiosk: How to Sign your child in/out

Extra downloads:

Kindy Manager – File Cleanup

Latest Gov Info Handouts for Providers

Below are some programs you may need for your installation:



Dot Net Framework 4.6.1