Backing up your Data

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Backing up your Data


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Today we discuss backing up your data –
the how’s and why’s explained.
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1. Why should I back up my data?
 Once you lose it, it’s gone…. FOREVER
2. Where should I back up my data?
 Best practice is to
  • External hard drive or
  • USB stick or
  • Network drive 
 Not recommended
  • Offshore cloud storage including Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc…
“But why?” I hear you ask. Current legislation requires all student and child data to be stored in Australia. You have no idea where these companies have there data centres. Play it safe.
3. How do I back up my data in 4 easy steps?

 Well, it’s this easy part
  1. Close all open Kindy Manager programs
  2. Insert your USB stick or external hard drive and note the letter that it is assigned (eg. F:)
  3. Locate the C: drive in File Explorer (for some this may be a different letter or a network drive)
  4. Right mouse click onto the KMData folder. Select the Send to option and send it to the drive from step 
 That’s it!
 Important Tip – Make 2 copies on Fridays and take 1 offsite.
4. How often should I back up my data?
  •  More is more so back up daily, best done at the end of the day. 
  • It takes a couple of minutes, make it part of your end of day routine
5. How do I restore my data after a crash in 2 easy steps?
This is easy too Remember all that wonderful backing up you’ve done, well here’s why it’s great
  1. Insert the USB stick or external drive or locate network drive that your backup is on
  2. Copy the KMData folder from your back up drive to your C: drive or network drive
That’s it 
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